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Hangover Month

March 4, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor,

How do you feel about the month of March? I've heard you describe March as "a hangover." Is your dislike of March also the reason that you vacation from the show during this month? Is creativity in March impossible?


Cass, it depends on where you are. In Miami, where I am today, Sunday, March 2, March is summer. Sunny, mid-eighties. Did the show here last night and ate supper at an outdoor restaurant at 10 p.m. Back in Minnesota, March can be grim. Winter hangs on, in diminished form, slushy, temps in the forties, brown grass, dog excrement everywhere, and a permanent cloud bank settles in as if it were Yorkshire. Gloom is pervasive. My wife suffers in March and so that's when the show goes on hiatus and I take her somewhere such as Florida. Creativity doesn't depend on weather, it depends on a person's willingness to put the seat of the pants into the chair. March is actually a good time to do that.

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