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Guy Noir in the Movies?

February 1, 2003 |

Dear Mr. Keillor

My 9-year-old daughter came back from a trip into Hollywood one day and said she had seen Guy Noir's star on the Walk of Fame. Has Guy been branching out into Hollywood productions? Or was she mistaken?

Irene Sanders

Irene, you have a talented daughter. It's rare to find a 9-year-old who can invent a story and make it believable to adults. No, Guy Noir is not in the movies, though he dearly wishes he were. Don't we all? And I'll bet your daughter will have a star on the sidewalk before too long. As soon as the snow melts in Lake Wobegon, I'll draw it myself with a piece of chalk in front of the Chatterbox Café, and as long as you don't say what her first name is, how about we refer to her as Angelique?.

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