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Hitch-hiking is tough these days

January 5, 2003 |

I'm 21 years old and I'm getting ready to spend 6 months walking and hitching across America, with only a backpack. Do you have any advice for my trip?

Hassan Haider
Dallas, TX

Hassan, hitch-hiking is tough these days and that’s why you see so few people attempting it. You stand there holding your little cardboard sign and trying to look pleasant, clean, reverent, obedient, and after a thousand cars reject you, it does start to weigh on your mind. And if you’re dark-complected, or have odd hair, or are too tall, or are wet, forget about it. I recommend a Greyhound bus. Less frustrating and you meet a higher class of people. Or you can find drive-away cars. Even a bicycle would be preferable, I think.

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