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Cat You Better Come Home

January 8, 1997 |

I just read "Cat, You Better Come Home" to my kids. We finally broke down and bought the book. I think my kids like it because it always cracks me up.

Question: Is "Cat You Better Come Home" your autobiography? I am curious about this.
Your friend,
Dave S.

Dave, if you read my autobiography it wouldn't crack you up, unless you have a real taste for pointless suffering. No, "Cat You Better Come Home" is light fiction compared to my life. I was born in the middle of North Dakota to illiterate potato farmers and worked extremely hard digging potatoes and did not know merriment or song until I was well past twenty. It was hard, and even now, years later, if I so much as lay eyes on a spud, I burst into tears. But I'm glad you like my book. I wish more parents had the good sense to purchase a copy.

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