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January 6, 1997 |

Dear PHC:

I write this somewhat reluctantly as I am a regular listener to your broadcast. Nonetheless, I feel I must question the fairness of The Talent from Towns of Under Two Thousand (TTUTT) contest. Please... I am not suggesting that the winners of the first two, and to date, only TTUTT contests were undeserving. I just find it interesting that both winners were from Minnesota, the state whence your show originates, and presumably the state from which the bulk of your audience is drawn.
You must remove any suggestion of bias from TTUTT.
Tom Z.

As you say, T.Z., the winners were not undeserving, so I think you're too quick to suspect bias. If, next year, a third Minnesotan were to win, and it were to be, say, a mediocre musical chainsaw player or the Baabaa Sheep Quartet or someone who blows on beer bottles, then I might have to investigate.

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