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January 1, 1997 |

My girlfriend finds one of my best friends to be wonderfully attractive. I think he looks somewhat like a monkey and have told my girlfriend this. She agrees that, yes, indeed, he does look like a monkey with his spikey brown hair and enormous sideburns, but that she finds him attractive anyway. I am wondering, do most women find that primate look appealing? Perhaps I should grow spikey hair and puffy sideburns. Or, perhaps, my girlfriend is weird.

Sean S.

Your girlfriend is being playful, S.S., testing you, seeing how secure you are about your own appearance, probing your sense of self-worth. Women will do this from time to time. Pay it no heed. Don't grow puffy sideburns, they will only make you look like a Seventies lounge singer. Be yourself. Or be me. One or the other. But don't be a monkey.

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