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Where's Pete?

December 1, 1996 |

Dear PHC,

I am a fan of the Guy Noir skits and I can't help but noticing that Pete hasn't been in a skit in a while. I always looked forward to Guy and Pete finding some way to shoot each other in the heart. What gives?

Your fan

Kathy H.

Good to hear from a person after my own heart, Kathy, but wish I'd heard from you a couple years ago when we got an avalanche of letters from sensitive liberals who said that the violence on Guy Noir was gratuitous and tasteless and reflected a callous outlook and so forth, all because Guy and Pete shot each other to death every week. I loved dying on the show and think I did it, well, even better than Laurence Olivier in "Hamlet". But no more. Thanks to bleeding hearts, we don't even use real guns or real animals on the show anymore. We have a sound-effects man, Tom Keith, who makes the sounds using a leather belt, a ballpoint pen, a collander, and a quart of olive oil.

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