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Bachelor Farmers

December 1, 1996 |

Being a recent transplant from NJ, I have spent many evenings wondering why my bachelor farmer friends don't look me in the eye. I even invited one to a hockey game, without any romantic success. However, he has asked me to go chop wood with him. Do you think I should? (i.e., in lieu of ice fishing?)

Any advice would be appreciated. I consider you one of the most "worldly" Minnesotans I know.



I hope you didn't wait for my response before you made up your mind, Denise. Obviously this bachelor farmer is carefully scouting you, and he feels that he can learn a great deal about you by watching you chop and split wood, so if you're interested in him and don't feel that chopping is your strong suit, you should decline and suggest something else, such as dancing and dining. At any rate, you should know that courtship is a very slow process with bachelor farmers; these guys are pretty well innoculated against the sudden onslaught of romance. Like giant sea tortoises, they are slow to form attachments, but then they mate for life. (Or is that giant sea porpoises?)

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