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Summer Love: Back Home... for a minute

September 2, 2010

PHC staffer Nic Vetter is on the Summer Love tour with Garrison, Sara Watkins, Fred Newman and The Guy's All-Star Shoe Band and will update us periodically from the road.

San Antonio was a good ol' time — the way to remember the Alamo is to see it in sticky 100 degree heat. We were at the Majestic Theater and the crowd came to have a good time. GK mixed it up by opening the show behind the curtain singing his "Prayer Sonnet," then he came out and did a monologue in the spotlight, and the curtain was opened to the Shoe Band playing. I think one of the most interesting parts of the tour is how he intuitively adapts every show to the space and audience, instead of simply performing by rote. He keeps it fresh and exciting not just for the audience, (review from the local press) but for the performers and himself. And we the crew are kept on our toes that way.

Immediately upon stepping off the plane after our flight from San Antonio, we knew we weren't in Texas anymore. The air was chilly and blustery and smelled faintly of barn animals, the moon had shrunk, and you could see all the stars. Ah, the north country; there's no place like home. Everyone had a little surge of energy from the climate change or from knowing we'd be seeing our family and our own beds soon, so we made a giant circle on the tarmac and threw the frisbee around at 3:30 AM.

We had our final Summer Love show last night in Moorhead, MN, before a short break and then back on the road for another 5. This time they'll travel by bus instead of plane, which seems more befitting of the tour theme. If there weren't enough rounds of show tunes sung on the last leg, they'll make up for it this second round. I won't be joining them, and I'll probably feel restless for a little while, but it was an unforgettable experience and lovely getting to know everyone in such a unique capacity. Their eccentric eating habits at 1 in the morning, their incessant sound effects, their love for obscure pop cultural references, and Ken's (the lighting master) ability to sound like a pirate without trying. It really was fun while it lasted. But what am I doing sitting around and getting all nostalgic — the State Fair show is tomorrow! It ain't over until the 1,450 pound hog sings.

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