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A note from Sara Watkins

August 25, 2010

Sara Watkins posted this note on her website, and allowed us to republish it here.

Two weeks into the Summer Love tour and today I feel, for the first time that I can sit back and think on the whirl-wind that tour has brought me so far. Before the first show, we gathered in a music room at the Keillor home, and hashed through a pile of material. We gave almost every song that fit our criteria a fair shot and pick our favorite duets, silly, sweet, and heartbroken songs. I was a little nervous and, quite honestly, the nerves did not recede until we were five or six shows into the tour.

Each night there are little, and sometimes big, adjustments in the show. This makes it really fun, but also, for me (an complete novice at this sort of program) my brain had to adapt fairly quickly.

In short - i'm having a BLAST and am completely impressed with how Garrison puts the show together every night balancing all the options PHC has: sketches, songs, sonnets, stories, more songs, Ketchup, Guy Noir and of course, the monologue. In Interlochen, I went for a night swim in the lake, in Salt Lake City, a storm came on us which stage nearly blew off the mountain! I've interviewed picnickers who brought beautiful dinners, or KFC to the show which the watched from a grassy hillside, and I've seen them smile all night long even through the occasional downpour. Garrison knows exactly how to please his audience.

Last night we played in my hometown of San Diego and today I write you on our day off, from my very own couch while the laundry finishes the last cycle. Tomorrow we head up the west coast and then curve back toward the center of the country.

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