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February 2, 2010: Tales from Load-In

February 2, 2010

The snow may have stopped but the roads were a bit greasy when the 3 big semis full of cameras and equipment rolled up to the Fitz this morning. By noon, the PHC house and lamp post with the on-air light was assembled and placed on stage...

About a dozen guys were all scurrying around setting up cameras, microphones and testing the house mixing board for the broadcast, a Spanish version of one of Michael Jackson's biggest hits is blaring throughout the theater, taking the speakers to their limits to see if they can handle when Jearlyn & Jevetta Steele take the stage Thursday night with a Horn section sitting in with the Guy's All-Star Shoe Band. Robin & Linda Williams, and Heather Masse are arriving in town this afternoon and the plan is to get everyone together to meet at Garrison's for a musical rehearsal tonight.

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