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One blogger's semifinal picks

Posted at 10:43 PM on May 26, 2009 by Greg Allen (1 Comments)

OK, here goes - my faves from the prelims that I would most like to hear again in the semifinals (listed in order of their performances over the past five days):

Natacha Kudritskaya
Ran Dank
Spencer Myer
Di Wu
Nobuyuki Tsujii
Michael Lifits
Alessandro Deljavan
Mariangela Vacatello
Evgeni Bozhanov
Haochen Zhang
Kyu Yeon Kim
Yeol Eum Son

Just in case the jury decides to prove to the world how wrong I am, I'll provide some cover in the form of alternates - I wouldn't be too disappointed if Eduard Kunz, Naomi Kudo, Ning Zhou, Andrea Lam, or Mayumi Sakamoto are passed on to the next round. We should know here within the hour!

Comments ( 1 )

Hey, 8 out of ten ain't bad, plus the other two not on your list were in your alternates. You're like the Nate Silver of the Cliburn competition.

Here's a strategy question for you - there's an enormous amount of overlap in the repertoire for the semifinals. I'm not familiar with how much or how little guidance the competition gives to the performances regarding their programs. But do you think that there's an advantage to having similar repertoire to you competetors? That you can highlight differences? (obviously, this cuts both ways) Or do you think that the judges are going to get tired to Carl Vine and the Liszt B minor?

Posted by Alex Coppock | May 27, 2009 11:05 AM

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