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Pinot with your Pergolesi? Or...spliff?

Posted at 4:22 PM on December 6, 2008 by Fred Child (2 Comments)

What can you tell about someone from their musical preferences? (We all make assumptions, don't we?)

Just stumbled across this odd little study correlating musical preferences with alcohol and drug preferences.

In other words, what inebriants are preferred by rockers? By fans of rap? By classical listeners?

And happily, before we get to real scientific results, there are stereotypes that looks official in a graph. (Click the graph for a larger image)


Last year, Peter Rentfrow and Samuel Gosling asked 200 college students to guess, and you can see the results here. The stereotype is that fans of rock music would use, well...EVERY intoxicant more than anyone else. With the curious exception of wine, which (according to the stereotype) would be the drug of choice for classical listeners.

To their credit, the editors at Cognitive Daily didn't leave it at that. They took a step toward measuring this scientifically by asking for online self-reporting. From ~500 responses, the results are in this second graph.


The categories are broad and ill-defined (What is religious music? Is Bud Light the same as a handmade Russian Imperial Stout?), but it would appear (from the negative correlation) that folks who prefer classical music prefer not to use ANY intoxicants, even wine.

Much more here, including some interesting comments.

And this springs from a larger set of studies by Rentfrow and Gosling attempting to correlate musical preferences with personality traits.

Want to take a "musical personality" test? Here ya go.

Why do we like the music we like? Here's an under-development beta site, working on the question.

Comments ( 2 )

Here are my scores:

84 % enjoys reflective and complex music

43 % enjoys edgy and aggressive music

1 % enjoys fun and simple music

26 % enjoys energetic and upbeat music

I think that means that I'm like this guy:


Posted by Alex | December 9, 2008 1:49 PM

Moritz Jung, that's you my friend.


Posted by Fred Child Author Profile Page | December 9, 2008 1:57 PM

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