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Beaux Arts Trio farewell, part 1

Posted at 5:10 PM on August 20, 2008 by Fred Child (4 Comments)

This spring, violinist Daniel Hope of the Beaux Arts Trio kept an audio diary for Performance Today during their farewell tour. Daniel was a sensitive and thoughtful guide, taking us to tearful backstage moments, triumphant on-stage moments, and hearty dinner table toasts.


And some entertaining trivia emerged from Daniel's diaries. He asked pianist Menahem Pressler about the variety of pronunciations he's heard for the group's name: "Box Arts," "Bohx Arts," Bee-uh zarts," "Bozart" (rhyming with Mozart). (To get it right, say something like "boh-zahr.")

Check out Daniel's diaries in our special Beaux Arts page.

I'll be trying to get their name right Thursday evening, when I have the honor of hosting a live webcast of the final American concert by the Beaux Arts Trio. To listen, go to the main PT page, or to this special NPR page. NPR's Tom Huizenga has written a terrific overview of their career, and the page is rich with audio, pics, and links. You can listen to an interview I did this spring with pianist Menahem Pressler at Carnegie Hall, check out concert highlights from the trio's 50 years of concerts at the Library of Congress, and see pictures from throughout their career.

The trio's last American concert will be at Tanglewood in the hills of western Massachusetts, where the Beaux Arts Trio gave their first concert in 1955.

Should be an amazing night -- two Schubert Trios, live interview with the group during intermission, and (don't tell anyone I told you...) an appearance by the 92 year-old founding cellist of the Beaux Arts Trio, Bernard Greenhouse. Thursday night, 8pm eastern. I'll be hosting a live chat area during the concert, so if you have questions for the trio, kick 'em in during the first half of the concert, and I'll ask as many as I can during our live intermission interview. Listen live here.

Comments ( 4 )

Any way we can find out what software is required to access the webcast? Everybody uses something different, and on line views have to spend the first part of the webcast downloading, installing, etc. Would love to get that taken care of in advance.

Posted by SMO | August 21, 2008 1:05 PM

Starting an hour before the Beaux Arts concert I've been trying to get some sound. For the past 45 minutes I've been told that Pressler and Schubert are "Now Playing." Both my volume and the NPR's are at max. Silence is not golden tonight.

Posted by Leonard Marcus | August 21, 2008 7:44 PM

Loved the part about the pronunciation of "Beaux Arts," as I recall years ago when my friend, pianist Stephen Drury was doing concerts with Young Concert Artists, he put in his bio that he was a member of the "Beaux Eaux" (beautiful waters) duo. No doubt it was an hommage to the similarly named trio. However, he told me that I was the only one to burst out laughing from his biographical joke. (Say it out loud and "Beaux Eaux" becomes, well, "Bozo!") I never did find out if the Bozo Duo even existed...!

Posted by Kit Emory | August 24, 2008 8:11 PM

I was lucky enough to be at both the Wednesday and Thursday's performances at Tanglewood. I noticed that the concert was also being filmed in addition to the audio. Will this concert ever be on PBS TV or even better PBS Video for purchase ??

Posted by Tom | August 25, 2008 10:20 PM

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