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One more musical puzzle

Posted at 11:52 PM on May 28, 2008 by Fred Child

Last week, I blogged about some musical games I'd discovered online. A listener wrote to ask how I could have missed this set from cellist (and punster) Stephen Isserlis. (Inattention and negligence, clearly. Thanks for pointing it out, Michelle!)

Click on "Games" in the menu on Stephen's homepage, and you'll find a tasty musical acrostic, a fun/silly musical quiz, a musical jigsaw puzzle, and a "musical story" that Isserlis put together, along the lines of the old joke about remembering to take your Chopin Liszt to the store.

And one follow up from last week's blog about musical puzzles. I mentioned that on the website of conductor Nicolas McGegan, there was a musical acrostic that promised prizes to the first ten correct answers submitted. A PT listener in Georgia was a winner, and got a free Nic McGegan CD. Who knows how many people seek out music puzzles online? There may be nine more free CDs to be had here.

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