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Nigel being Nigel

Posted at 9:58 PM on May 21, 2008 by Fred Child

I suspect this won't arouse the same furor as a similar admission by NBA player Josh Howard, but violinist Nigel Kennedy says he, too, is not opposed to smoking a joint now and then.

The current issue of the German magazine Focus has an interview with the "cheekiest geezer ever to stroke a Strad" (as he was called recently in this write-up by Richard Morrison for the Times Online). Kennedy complains that many of his classical colleagues dull their performances by using beta-blockers to calm their nerves before concerts, saying "They don't lead to mistakes, but not much else happens."

He then went on to admit lighting up the occasional doobie, but only after concerts. He told Focus magazine "Performing under the influence of alcohol or dope would be cheating the audience."

For German readers, here's the Focus magazine interview with Nigel Kennedy.

This follows a string of recent stories about Kennedy that fall under the category of "no such thing as bad publicity." He quit the splashy Classical Brit Awards earlier this month, calling the organizers "old farts." And the foliage in front of his north London villa is accused of damaging a neighbor's house.

And btw, Nigel Kennedy also has a new CD. Beethoven and Mozart violin concertos, the Mozart with a jazz cadenza on electric violin.

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