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Eight Degrees of...Marriage?

Posted at 8:58 AM on March 14, 2008 by Fred Child

German violinist Anne-Sophie Mutter stopped by the NPR studios to play Mozart Sonatas with pianist Lambert Orkis.

It's a terrific studio "perf-chat," one of the best of the past several years. Mutter and Orkis share such a deep musical understanding, and they finish each other's thoughts in the conversation just the way they do while playing Mozart.

While I was talking about this interview on the air recently, I mentioned that Mutter was recently divorced from Andre Previn. And it occured to me that Mr. Previn had been previously married...and I followed the chain as far as I could. I came to the conclusion (thank you, internet) that there is a direct line, through marriages, from Anne-Sophie Mutter back to the straight man in the Marx brothers, Zeppo.

But now a friend points out that the chain can be followed even farther.

Mutter was married to Andre Previn, who had previously been married to Mia Farrow, who had previously been married to Frank Sinatra, who had previously been married to Barbara Blakeley, who had previously been married to Zeppo Marx...

...who had previously been married to Ziegfeld Follies dancer Marion Benda, who had previously been married to Rudolf Valentino.

There is some controversy about the last step in the chain, anyone have any insight?

And...any other nice marriage chains you can contribute?

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