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Music of the Spheres

Posted at 10:40 AM on March 26, 2008 by Fred Child

News comes this month that the little spacecraft that could, "Ulysses," is finally dying. It was launched in 1990, and has long outlasted its predicted life. Ulysses has helped us understand solar weather and far-away gamma bursts...but I will mourn the passing of Ulysses because it gave us an account of the relationship between the Sun and the Earth that is rather like the relationship between a concert musician and the audience.

From the European Space Agency:

Scientists from the Ulysses mission have proven that sounds generated deep inside the Sun cause the Earth to shake and vibrate in sympathy. They have found that Earth's magnetic field, atmosphere and terrestrial systems, all take part in this cosmic sing-along.

The entire article is worth a read. Got me free-associating about resonance, the avant garde composer Alvin Lucier, and some great concerts I've heard recently.

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