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Drink Pouch Dress at Carnegie Hall

Posted at 9:25 AM on February 21, 2008 by Fred Child

At a concert in New York City on Tuesday (Feb. 19), Korean pianist Soyeon Lee wore approximately one one-millionth of the juice boxes that are thrown away every year.
Anthony Tommasini reviewed the concert in the New York Times. But he only got around to reviewing her actual playing in paragraph seven. The star of this concert was the dress Lee wore in the second half of the concert.

In fact, the dress was so (literally) remarkable, it got its own on-stage introduction, by actress Daryl Hannah.
Tommasini was scooped on this story by his own paper -- the Times Fashion section
mentioned this more than a week before the event.

The dress (and, oh yes, pianist Soyeon Lee) appeared not only at the concert, but as part of Fashion Week in New York. Here's a video.

And for those worried about ergonomics...fear not: silk tafetta lining.

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