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Campaign 2004
The 2004 Republican National Convention - Boston, Massachusetts - July 26-29
Editor's Notebook
By Bob Collins, Senior Editor - News
Monday, August 30, 2004

Hey, neighbor!


Well, look who the two skybox neighbors are! Al Jazeera and Fox News. Al Jazeera wasn't allowed to post their sign at the Democrats' convention in Boston for fear that they'd be identified with the Arab TV outlet some say is not putting the best face on the USA. Do you think they ended up side-by-side in New York by accident?


The view from stage right. Later in the week, when the president speaks, the stage is actually going to come up from the middle of the floor and he'll speak "in the round." Presumably, the displaced New York delegation will end up where the stage is now.


The lines in New York to get through security at Madison Square Garden were longer on opening day than in Boston. There are quite a few political bigshots in line here, and a few of them didn't think they should have to wait. They waited.


You didn't think all those words came off the top of the speaker's heads did you. There are a bunch of teleprompters in the hall. This is one is straight in front of the stage, just below the main camera programs.


Of course the teleprompter won't help you if you don't pay attention. The speaker here went blasting through a fairly light-hearted part of her presentation, and went singing into the first part of a tribute to recently-deceased Republicans. Whoops. She stopped. There was silence for a minute. She said, "thank-you very much," and the band started playing. Just like the circus when someone falls from the trapeze.


Minnesota 2nd District Representative John Kline works the delegation, talking to Jack and Annette Meeks of Minneapolis.


Apparently the congressional candidate in the 4th District in the great state of West Virginia wasn't all that interesting.


Keeping in mind that the floor is full of bigshots, two seemed to be the biggest. Rudy Guiliani and, shown here, Don King.


On Seventh Avenue, just outside of the Garden, life goes on. Now I know it's cool in Minnesota, but it's 80s and 90s and sticky in New York and these non-delegates are mad. There's gridlock on the sidewalks because in order to go in one direction -- say south on 7th -- they divert you three or four blocks.

-- Bob Collins

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Hey, neighbor!

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