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The Trading Floor features comments, feedback and insight submitted by Marketplace sources. Help advise us about stories we’re working on, discuss the news of the day, and share your insight by joining the Public Insight Network.

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About Brendan Newnam

brendan_newnam.jpgBrendan Newnam believes that everyone has something worthwhile to share and that his job is to help them do it. He joined the Center for Innovation in Journalism because he knows of nowhere else where it is possible to explore new ways of reporting that are more relevant and more connected to the public without the pressures of advertising dollars.

He started his radio career as a researcher for NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross. He has written travel guides in Eastern Europe and worked as a freelance arts and culture reporter for various national magazines. While in law school, Brendan worked as an associate producer at WRTI in Philadelphia and upon graduation began contributing to American Public Media’s Marketplace and Weekend America. When not mining the Public Insight Network for stories, he produces and co-hosts The Dinner Party Download, one of the top podcasts on iTunes.