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FEATURED QUERY: Do you rely on tips for a living? Tell us more



Barbara from Shorewood, WI

Q: Do you tip differently for alcohol versus food?

A: I usually consider it to be 15 to 20 percent. Better service (this is often subjective) warrants a bigger tip and I will often round up. Poorer service may result in rounding down.

Q: How do you base your tipping decisions?

A: Actually, it is based on poor math and embarrassment. I don’t want to take out a calculator and I use a tip card discreetly so it is not obvious that I am trying to figure it out. I do think that I am a little on the stingy side, so I try to round up to a full dollar amount when in doubt.

In May, we asked our listeners and readers how they decide what to tip for the services they use. More than 500 people responded to our survey. Many provided their personal experiences, strategies and rationales for how they handle this often confusing part of everyday life. Click here to see all the responses, and please visit our interactive map of tipping trends in the U.S.

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