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April 2010 Archives

  • Have tax breaks influenced your real estate decisions?

    • Posted by Alison Brody
    • on April 28, 2010 10:54 AM

    The final day to take advantage of the federal tax break for homebuyers is April 30, while the last day to close is June 30.

    In honor of this deadline, Marketplace Money wants to know if the government’s attempt to jump start the housing market has affected you. Tell us here.

    Did you scramble to purchase your new home before the tax credit’s expiration date? Did you have a deal all lined up that fell through, costing you a pretty penny in tax savings? Or did you intentionally decide to wait it out to see what happens to home prices once the incentive to buy goes away?

    If the home buyer tax credit influenced you to buy, sell, or hold onto your home, click here to tell Marketplace Money your story.

  • What comes to mind when you hear the saying "penny wise, pound foolish"?

    • Posted by Alison Brody
    • on April 13, 2010 1:40 PM

    The old saying “penny wise, pound foolish” comes from the pounds and pennies of British currency. It basically means that one behaves wisely when it comes to small stuff, but foolishly regarding the big things. Examples of this are everywhere - in your community, your workplace, your industry, and, alas, your own personal financial life.

    Marketplace is developing a series on this theme. We’re particularly interested in hearing about this type of behavior as it affects the bottom line of businesses and individuals. So, tell us, who in your life has saved a penny only to spend a pound? Click here to share your story.

  • Do you have any interesting tax prep rituals?

    • Posted by Alison Brody
    • on April 7, 2010 1:13 PM

    As time moves slowly onward toward April 15, Marketplace Money is collecting tales of interesting tax prep rituals.

    Maybe you blast Ozzy Osbourne every year as you crack open your 1040. Or perhaps you insist on meeting with your accountant on the same hour of the same day for good luck. One woman wrote in about her yearly “taxcation.” Every spring she and her husband use their spring break to stay at home, watch movies and dig through paper bags full of the year’s receipts.

    Do you have any interesting tax time tics? Click here to share them with Marketplace Money.

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