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Are the new mammogram guidelines good or bad for you or your business?

  • Posted by Jo Easton
  • on November 17, 2009 3:20 PM

This week, an independent panel commissioned by the federal Department of Health and Human Services released new guidelines for breast cancer screening.

The new guidelines recommend women over 50 who are not at high risk for cancer get a screening every two years. The old guidelines recommended women over 40 get an annual mammogram. The report also discourages doctors from teaching women to conduct regular breast self-examinations. (Go here for the full recommendation.)

These new guidelines break with past recommendations, and could have real impact on women’s health and health costs. But the hospitals, doctors, insurers, technicians and manufacturers that provide mammography services could also face changes.

Do you see any changes ahead for yourself or your business in response to the new guidelines? Will the new recommendations help or hurt your workplace, your health, health costs, or other parts of your life? Click here to share your experience with Marketplace.

Discussion: 1 Comment

  • Posted by Howard Pennington on November 19, 2009 10:58 AM

    TWO members of my family discovered a lump(both were malignant)by self examination. Both were less than 38 years old. Because of that find and prompt treatment, one is now 80 and the other is 45 years old. One found a lump in her lumph node as first sign! CONTINUE SELF WXAMS! The “stress” of finding a lump is less that the relief that it is not malignant.The new reccommendations infer that it is not cost effective to check/test women under 50-. A life may not be worth the cost unless it is YOUR life.

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