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July 2009 Archives

  • Experiencing "My First Recession" in art and song

    • Posted by Jo Easton
    • on July 31, 2009 10:54 AM

    MFR screen grab 2.jpgOur Public Insight Network colleagues at Minnesota Public Radio have just put together a special new online project called “My First Recession.” It’s the stories of young people experiencing their first recession, and their reflections on how the experience may change them… in their own words, art and music.

    My don’t-miss moments? “Say a Prayer,” by Aunrika and QocTavia Shabazz and “Monsters of Economy,” a hip hop piece by Antonio Gonzales and Jalil Shabazz.

    If, after seeing how these students express their frustrations and hopes creatively, you feel inspired, share your own memories of your first recession — this one, or any other one.

    MFR screen grab.jpg

  • Has the health care system failed you?

    • Posted by Jo Easton
    • on July 30, 2009 1:25 PM

    That question might count as leading the witness, but it’s a compelling one. We’re assuming there’s something wrong. With more than 45 million Americans lacking health insurance and millions more struggling to pay for decent care, it doesn’t seem too controversial.

    How (if at all) has the health care system failed you? Click here to share your experience with Marketplace.

    Congress is racing to make progress on health care legislation before leaving for summer recess. The debate about what to do, and the proposals Congress is working on, are hard to follow for even the savviest news consumer. (I’ve been reading letters from doctors in the Public Insight Network saying they don’t even understand their own health plan!)

    So we’ve teamed up with ProPublica (an independent, nonprofit investigative reporting newsroom) to engage you in explaining what’s happening by connecting your day-to-day health care concerns with the policy proposals being discussed in Washington.

    We want to learn whether the proposals on the table will solve the real problems you deal with in health care. Click here to share your story, your concerns, and your questions.

  • Can online dating help you find a financially compatible mate?

    • Posted by Jo Easton
    • on July 9, 2009 1:01 PM

    Marketplace Money is taking a look at whether questionnaires used by online dating services can help you find a financially compatible mate. If you’ve used dating services, did you get matched up with someone whose personal finances were in great shape….shockingly awful….or just plain incompatible?

    Has insight into a potential match’s finances (or credit score) been the way to your heart?

    We want to hear your story about how personal finance factors into online dating. (Go here to answer our questions outside of public view.)

    Continue reading Can online dating help you find a financially compatible mate?.
  • What's patriotic about how you spend your money?


    After 9/11, we were told spending money was patriotic. A “Buy American” provision was added to the fiscal stimulus bill earlier this year. During this recession, Americans are starting to save more — yet some blame consumers’ newfound conservatism for the continued downturn. Information about what’s the “right” thing to do with your money for the country can be pretty inconsistent. So what choices are you making?

    This 4th of July Marketplace Money wants to know how you’re spending your money with the good of the nation in mind.

    Tell us about it here.

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