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Which three states have underemployment rates above 20 percent?


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Michigan, California, Oregon

What: The official unemployment rate hovers around 10 percent, but it doesn’t include people who are working part time and would like to be working full time, or people who have given up looking for jobs. When the so-called underemployed are included, these three states have the highest 2009 rates according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Michigan - 21.5%
California - 21.1%
Oregon - 20.7%

Why: The figures show how difficult it is to find a full-time job in this economic climate. Michigan was hit particularly hard because of the woes of its auto industry. It also has the nation’s highest unemployment rate. Close to one in five people cannot find work in the aforementioned three states and these six:

South Carolina - 19.6%
Nevada - 19.2%
Rhode Island - 19.1%
Arizona - 18.1%
Florida - 18.4%
Tennessee - 18.6%

Get this: The least underemployed state? North Dakota at 8%. Find out how many people in your state are underemployed by visiting the Bureau of Labor Statistics Web site.

Nearly nine million Americans are underemployed. Dan Bobkoff has the story of one woman on today’s Marketplace.

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