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Davos first became famous as a place to improve your what?


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davos_circa_1895.JPGWhat: In the mid-19th century the small, mountainous town of 1,500 residents became known for its unique microclimate. Europe’s rich and famous started heading toward the Swiss city in hopes of cures for respiratory complaints. (Library of Congress image shows Davos ca. 1895)

Why: Doctors at the time believed that Davos’ high altitude and relatively dry climate (just 39 inches of rain per year) was especially beneficial for patients with lung disease. Author Robert Louis Stevenson suffered from tuberculosis, and spent the winter of 1880 in the mountain resort town, where he is said to have completed his famous adventure novel, “Treasure Island.”

Get this: Davos’ healing propensities didn’t have much to do with why it was first chosen to host what eventually became known as the World Economic Forum. Its isolated location and privacy were the main draws.

A little more: While researching this Nugget, we even found a pamphlet from 1907 explaining the wonders of the mountain town.

There’s a lot at stake at the 40th World Economic Forum. Check out Stephen Beard’s report on Marketplace.

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