The Climate Race

Updates and on-the-scene reports from the United Nations Climate Change Conference

Insert global warming pun, add ice, and stir

While most of the news is still TBD in Copenhagen, some of the best protest art is already melting away.

Get it? Melting? Global warming?

I’m going to sidestep the questions about politics and art and just say that it’s all quite aesthetically pleasing. Here’s the World Wildlife Federation’s Copenhagen Ice Bear:

Absolutely stunning.

It started as a full bear, but as it melts, the skeleton is revealed … making the point that … the polar bears are melting?

Meanwhile, Oxfam is poised to unveil tomorrow its Maasai warrior on ice. They spent all day today working on it.

Good to see them using an electric chain saw there.

And this is “Delay Kills,” also sponsored by Oxfam, which was at last year’s COP14 in Poland.


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