The Climate Race

Updates and on-the-scene reports from the United Nations Climate Change Conference

Divided we stand?

If you thought things were getting messy between the US and China last week , get ready for more drama.

For those lucky enough to get inside the Bella Center on Monday, where the UN climate conference is happening, you were probably: 1) warm and 2) witnessed the halt of negotiations.

The rift between the rich and poor countries hit a climax today when meetings were put on pause.

Developing countries, including India and China, want rich countries to make deeper cuts in their greenhouse gas emissions - basically they want to extend the Kyoto Protocol to the rich nations. After 3 hours of the walk-out the talks resumed. It was a good play for the developing countries because it got people’s attention at the meeting as well as the media.

It also got the attention of UK prime minister Gordon Brown who decided to move up his travel plans to Copenhagen in fear that talks are unraveling. He’ll stay until the meetings are over. Also, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has decided to attend COP15. More leaders are expected to trickle in this week in hopes to sign a treaty on Friday when the meeting will conclude. President Barack Obama is expected to arrive early Friday morning.

Let’s see if all this star power will get the talks back on track and a treaty signed by the end of the week. Be sure to check out Marketplace Morning Report all this week to hear what business leaders want to see at the end of COP15.


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