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August 25, 2005

Welcome to The Off-Ramp Redux!

This summer, KPCC kicked off a special summer program "Past Sunset" and included a place for YOU to interact with host David Cruz and with other listeners. The response -- YOUR response -- was amazing! David invited southern Californians to write about their concept of community. You can read those postings -- or add your thoughts -- by clicking on the "Community" link up in the right hand corner of the "Off Ramp" section of our home page.

But KPCC wanted to continue the conversation and expand it to include many, many different topics. We also wanted a way to give you a peek backstage -- tell you what happened after the guest left the studio, show you some behind-the-scenes pictures, or share some tidbits of information that might be helpful or just plain fun. Think of it as a sort of "Oprah After the Show" for KPCC listeners.

Here's a picture of me and LA Dodger owner Frank McCourt from Wednesday's program. I'm wearing my Brooklyn Dodger jacket, already autographed by Jackie Robinson's widow Rachel and "Boys of Summer" writer Roger Khan. I had Frank McCourt add his signature to the inside lining.

One last thing: we also wanted "The Off Ramp" to be a way for you to tell us what's going on in your community -- stories that go unreported, local treasures who should be interviewed, great bands or theatre groups or art galleries or funky restaurants that should be discovered. We invite you to be our eyes and ears in your neighborhood.

I look forward to a wonderful conversation!

Posted by Kitty Felde at 5:35 PM

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