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Boysenberry Lane & Boysen Avenue

There's a Boysenberry Lane in Placentia and a Boysen Avenue in Anaheim. Both are named for the man who cultivated the fruit that still bears his name. Rudolph Boysen began propagating berries up in Napa County. When he moved to Orange County, he brought with him what was described as "the sensation berry of the 20th Century."

Phil Brigandi describes the boysenberry as, "a three-way cross between a loganberry, a raspberry, and a blackberry."

Brigandi wrote the book "Orange County Place Names A-Z." He says the boysenberry was huge and juicy, and it shipped well. But Boysen abandoned his crop after breaking his back in an accident. Years later, Brigandi says a fellow grower named Walter Knott heard about this legendary berry and tracked down Boysen.

"And he took them down to his in-laws former orange grove. They didn't even own the property anymore. And down by the irrigation ditch, in the weeds, were three or four straggly little berry plants that he'd transplanted there years before."

Knott made the boysenberry famous. Rudy Boysen found another career as Anaheim's park superintendent, a post he held for 20 years.

(Airdate: 4/26/2008)



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