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Whitley Avenue

Silent film legend Rudolph Valentino used to live in a charming Mission style home in the Hollywood neighborhood of Whitley Heights ... until the Hollywood Freeway was built and the house was knocked down. But Michael J. Kouri, author of "Haunted Houses of Pasadena," says Valentino's often in the neighborhood.

"His ghost is often seen wearing a derby hat, spats, a grey pinstripe suit. He was quite the snappy dresser. He was a clothes horse in every sense of the word."

Kouri says Valentino loved his whippets and his collection of exotic cars.

"He's often seen in his roadster coming down off the hill, down on Whitley, and he stops and he waves to his fans. And when the light turns green, he rides away, but he gets halfway through the intersection and he totally disappears."

Valentino had bad luck with houses. His home in Benedict Canyon, Falcon Lair, was torn down to the floorboards in 2003. There are no reports of Valentino's ghost at that location.

(Airdate for this story: 11/3/07)



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