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San Fernando Boulevard

It sounds like a bad joke: A priest and three psychics were walking outside the San Fernando Mission on San Fernando Boulevard. Michael J. Kouri, author of "Haunted Houses of Pasadena," says they were investigating claims that a trio of headless monks were haunting the place.

"We felt this icy cold blast of air. It was 104 degrees that day, it was in the summertime. And all of a sudden, one of the monks appeared. And his head was on, and when he bent down to greet us, his head rolled off and landed, of course, on the cement.

Now of course, he was a spirit and he was transparent, so we couldn't pick up his head and give it back to him. Not that we wanted to anyway. But we just felt he was doing this as a prank, to sort of startle us. And we just started laughing. And when we laughed, he had this look of utter disgust on his face and he dematerialized right in front of our eyes."

California fourth graders still have to build a mission as part of their state history class. No reports on whether extra credit is given for adding headless monks.

(Airdate for this story: 11/4/07)



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