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Randolph Street

Long before the red line or the gold line or even the blue line, Southern California had a rail system that connected communities from the mountains to the sea. A street in Huntington Park is named after the so-called architect of the Pacific Electric Railway system.

Randolph Street runs right along the Southern Pacific railroad tracks in Huntington Park. Local historian Wally Shidler remembers the trolley known as the Red Car that used to run on those tracks.

"You could go from Huntington Park to Los Angeles in 12 minutes on the Pacific Electric for ten cents or five cents."

Shidler says Epes Randolph was the chief engineer for the trolley system. He only lasted three years. Tuberculosis forced him to retire and move to Arizona in 1904. The Red Cars lasted quite a while longer. The last car was retired in 1961. Only Randolph Street remains.

(Airdate for this story: 10/21/07)



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