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State budget cuts would limit poor women's birth control access

The state could save more than $34 million by ending some family planning programs. KPCC’s Patricia Nazario says some Southland women’s health advocates plan to protest those proposed cuts tomorrow.

Patricia Nazario: The staff of Planned Parenthood doesn’t want the state’s budget trimming to touching its turf. The organization is rallying patients, volunteers, and supporters to show up for a noontime protest and an evening vigil in front of the governor’s downtown L.A. office.

Health care activists say that for every dollar California puts into family planning and women’s cancer screening programs, the federal government matches $9.

Last week, the governor acknowledged that every cut in state programs and services will inflict real pain. But, he added, California’s government could become insolvent unless he and Sacramento lawmakers dramatically scale back spending. Analysts say the state faces a $24 billion budget gap next fiscal year.


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