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LA city fire chief retires, reflects on his time as chief

Los Angeles City Fire Chief Douglas Barry has announced his plans to retire. He’s served the department for 34 years. At a news conference yesterday, he reflected on some standout moments during his three years as chief.

Douglas Barry: “Sad but proud moment was the funeral that I, as the fire chief was presiding or gave a speech at for Brent Lovrien last year. I was very sad that we lost a member. I’m always sad of that.

“As the fire chief, you kind of feel like the father figure and everyone’s kind of your children, so you kind of feel hurt when those things happen. But when I looked out across the Cathedral and saw the support of the firefighters – not just our department, throughout the region. It made me very proud to know that that connection really exists.

“And the proudest moment is, seeing how the department has handled many of the major incidents, being it the Metrolink, the brush fires, the devastating brush fires. And even how we’ve addressed some of the issues that were highlighted when I first came in. I’m very, very proud of that, and I think that as a department, we should be proud.”

Douglas Barry is the first African-American to lead the Los Angeles Fire Department. His last day on the job will be August 30th.


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