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Bill introduced to give state oversight of the UC

State lawmakers introduced a bill today that would ask voters to give the legislature the power to regulate the University of California. The state constitution protects the UC from state regulation.

The bill would place a constitutional amendment on the ballot. If approved, it would strip the UC of its immunity. San Francisco Democratic State Senator Leland Yee is a co-sponsor. He told KPCC’s “Patt Morrison” that many lawmakers are angry about the high salaries paid to UC executives.

Leland Yee: “They make more than the president of the United States. They make more than the governor of this state. It seems that their perspective, the regents perspective, of what is appropriate given these tough economic times, given their position relative to other positions in the this country and this state that are just not, not adequate.”

UC chancellors make $300,000 to $400,000 a year – that goes up to as much as half a million with perks.


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