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Mayor Villaraigosa talks about serving on Obama's transition team

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is a member of President-elect Barack Obama’s transition team. Mayor Villaraigosa will serve on Obama’s economic advisory board.

The Mayor told KPCC’s “Patt Morrison” how it felt to stand alongside the president-elect during his first press conference.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa: “Well, you know, it’s was an honor and I pinch my cheek all the time; I have since I got elected to public office. Feel very honored to be able to be here to represent our city and representing cities across the country, and you know whatever input I can give I certainly want to do that, and do it both humbly, but also understanding that we have a unique perspective to share as the second largest city in America.”

Mayor Villaraigosa recommended that Obama expand unemployment benefits as a buffer against the effects of joblessness on cities. He noted that unemployment rates are two percentage points higher in the city of Los Angeles than the national average of just over six percent.


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