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San Onofre nuclear power plant "dead last" in industrial safety

Injury rates at the San Onofre nuclear power plant are reportedly several times higher than the average at similar plants in this country. The Los Angeles Times reports that the plant is “dead last” in industrial safety when compared to other U.S. plants. Russ Ridenour is chief nuclear officer at San Onofre. He told KPCC’s AirTalk that the power plant industry maintains uniquely high standards.

Russ Ridenour: “If I compare our injury rate to that of, let’s say, the automobile manufacturing average. Automobile manufacturing is about 11 to 12 times higher than our injury rate here at San Onofre. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, we want to drive that down to where we don’t have any injuries.”

Ridenour said some of the injuries were so minor they wouldn’t be recorded in other industries. An influential industry group assembled the injury statistics and reported them to employees in a company newsletter. Federal regulators insist that San Onofre is safe.


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