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September 27, 2005

Your Chance to Put DePodesta On the Spot

Oh, sure. It's all Angels all the time. The Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles are the heroes of the fall, looking forward to the playoffs. But if the Angels are the heroes, who's the goat?

How about Paul DePodesta?

On Wednesday's "Talk of the City" the Dodger General Manager joins me in studio to take YOUR phone calls. Please tune in at 2 and call in at 866-893-5722.

Posted by Kitty Felde at 9:00 PM


Hi Kitty, I found your website as I was searching for Paul DePodesta's e-mail address. You can see from my e-mail address, (DodgerBluz1951), I am a lifelong Dodgers fan and still reside in NYC (Staten Island). I'm sure one burning question for the boy genius from Harvard is "Why did you kill the chemistry in the clubhouse"? Jim Tracy was a better than average manager who had nothing to work with. He did in previous years. You tore apart friends who played pretty well together for this bunch! I know you want to stamp your own team, but this is ridiculous. The Dodgers have always been and will always be my passion. My heart is getting ripped out a little at a time. Hey Paul, look at this World Series and see what it takes to be a winner. Good coaching, small ball and great pitching. Learn something or you should go back to the A's for a refresher course.

Posted by: John Biondo on October 20, 2005 7:07 PM


I should have been more assertive in my questioning...but I think the query was made with Mr. DePodesta...do give a listen.


Posted by: kitty felde on October 20, 2005 8:09 PM

First off I'm no longer a dodger fan due to Paul letting Beltre walk since he's my favorite player. Paul did a great job managing, think about it, he let beltre, finley, and lima walk all of whom did horrible last year, he added Kent, Drew who got injured, which were both good additions. Bad thing he did was sign Odalis Perez for a lot of money.

Anyways I would like to contact Paul so do you know his email address.

Posted by: Philip on November 9, 2005 2:16 AM

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