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August 31, 2005

See ya next year?

Wow! A pitching performance by two aces in an America League baseball game. Who would have guessed that would happen? I don't know how many of you stayed up to watch the end of the Angels/A's game last night, but I know I did. Barry Zito and Bartolo Colon pitched so well that it reminded me of the Game 7 in the '91 World Series between the Braves and the Twins. As did Smoltz for the Braves and Morris for the Twins, Zito and Colon both pitched 9 strong innings.

The only reason Colon was pulled in the 10th, where he was still bringing it at 96mph, was to get a much needed strikeout with a man on third and two outs. Ala Smoltz and Morris, it was a shame that either Zito or Colon had to come out on the losing end of such great performances, however, as has been the case lately, it was Colon who was victimized by yet another blown opportunity by Francisco Rodriguez. Still seeking his dominance of a few seasons ago, Rodriguez has been struggling of late in the closer's role, and last night was no exception as he left a 2-0 fastball hanging up in the strike zone that Bobby Kielty (Bobby Kielty?) hammered into the the right center field seats for his 8th homer of the season. I have to hand it to the Angels for their spunk as they showed signs of a championship ballclub in the bottom of the 11th, getting the tying and winning runs on base and the reigning AL MVP at the plate. However, the Mars Rover has been hotter than Vlady of late as he has just one measly RBI to show for his last 15 games. A's rookie sensation Huston Street came on in the 11th seeking his 18th save in 22 chances and got Guerrero to hit a weak, broken-bat dribbler to second base for the final out. Are you kidding me! Vlady weakly grounds out on a fastball from a kid who last year at this time was pitching for the University of Texas Longhorns in the College World Series. Guerrero, the off-season free agent acquisition who's strike zone is anywhere from his shoe tops to the the top of his batting helmet gets sawed off by a kid who 8 weeks ago was in Double-A ball. I saw the end last night Angel fans, I really think I saw the end. I watched a team that more then doubles the A's payroll get shown the door to the off-season where they can stew on how they lost a 12 1/2 game lead in two-plus months. Email me all you want if the Angels come back to win the AL West, which they won't, and email me if they hang on and win the Wild Card, which they won't (Yankees or Indians). The writing was big and bold on the wall last night and it said SEASON OVER ANGELS, SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!

Posted by Kevin O'Leary at 6:11 PM


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