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June 23, 2005

Dodgers Should Keep Chin Up

This season, Dodger outfielders Repko and Grabowski Ė the Jasons - have hit a collective .190 with only 20 RBIís. They have all of 35 hits between them, and 49 strikeouts. Repko hasnít has an extra-base hit since mid-May. Grabowski hasnít had two hits in the same game this season. Their failures have been especially damaging to the Dodgers because with Milton Bradley out, one of the hitless Jasons is always in the starting lineup.

While Jason and Jason flail away at big league pitching, Dodger minor leaguer Chin-Feng Chen keeps chipping away at whatever it is thatís kept him a minor leaguer. Chen Ė the first Taiwanese-born player to make a major league roster Ė was once thought to be a top prospect.

But heís now in his seventh pro season, and fourth at AAA Las Vegas. Chen is the all-time home run king in Las Vegas history, but canít get a call-up Ö even as the Jasons struggle to hit.

Thereís talk that Chen strikes out too much, and that heís a poor outfielder. But itís hard to tell if thatís true. The Dodgers have given him only 14 at-bats in the major leagues over the past three seasons.

Until he gets a chance, no one will know for sure if Chin-Feng Chen can hit major league pitching. But right now, itís pretty clear that the Jasons - Repko and Grabowski Ė sure canít.

Posted by Nick Roman at 9:03 AM


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