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June 8, 2005

A Few Thoughts

Uuugggghhhh. It's Interleague time again. Call me a traditionalist, but I believe the only time an American League team should play a National League team is in the World Series. Wow!!! Did you happen to see the hit that Darin Erstad of the Angels put on Johnny Estrada of the Braves the other night at home plate? I know Erstad was a punter for the '94 Nebraska Cornhusker National Championship Team, but that was a hit an NFL defensive back would be proud of. The Braves need to quit griping, the hit was clean and any of their players would have done the same. OK, what's with baseball players suffering the freakiest of injuries? The latest to join the list is Colorado Rockies shortstop Clint Barmes, a shoo-in for NL Rookie of the year, who broke his collarbone while carrying groceries to his apartment. With apologies to my friend Craig, I smile when I see the Yankees 2 games below 500 and 7 games out of first in the AL East. You might want to keep an eye on New York City because Mt. George (Steinbrenner) is going to erupt any day now. Rumor has it that GM Brian Cashman was seen upoading his resume to Monster.com while Manager Joe Torre was seen at a local U-Haul scoring some boxes to help clean out his office.

I see that the Mets scooped up released Reds closer, Danny Graves. He's the guy who endeared himself to Cincinnati by giving a Reds fan a One-Fingered wave while leaving the field. As the Mets have a solid bullpen and a pretty good closer in Braden Looper, it appears they did this to keep Graves out of the Braves bullpen, or any other team in the NL East for that matter. You can criticize Dodger GM Paul DePodesta all you want, and TJ Simers of the LA Times certainly piles on, but a little pitching help at the trading deadline could certainly make the NL West a three team race. OK, to whom do these stats belong - 11 Gms, 31 ABs, 8 Rs, 6 Hs, 1 HR, 5 RBIs, .479 OBP, .323 SLG, .194 AVG? The answer appears at the end of this column. Gee, homeruns are down, imagine that? Major League Baseball implements a steroid policy that has some teeth and HRs decrease, go figure. If Jason Giambi went from looking like Bluto to Gumby in about 9 month, sans juice, I can't wait to see what Barry Bonds looks like when/if he returns to the field. Barry was spotted at a San Francisco tailor last week having all of his uniforms taken in, not his hats however, as steroids were not the reason for his swelled head. I read in Time Magazine that in 24 homes games the Washington Nationals have drawn over 762,000 fans, which surpasses the entire season attendance for all 80 games played in Montreal last season. By the end of the season they expect the Nat's to overtake the attendance for the entire time the Expos played in Montreal. Don't look now, but the Nationals are for real and they're starting to believe they can win the NL East. If they keep it close the front office should bring someone up from the minors just to sit next to Frank Robinson and keep from nodding off during games. How many boxes of toothpics would you guess Manager Dusty Baker goes thru in a season? Dusty, aka "The Lizzard", is quite a character, in addition to the aforementioned habit of eating a small tree every game, Dusty sticks his tongue out about 500 to 600 times a game and he also wears wristbands for no apparent reason. I missed the Dodger game on TV the other night and was disappointed because I heard that Vin Scully was going to have Sparky Anderson up in the box with him.....what a treat that must have been. I tried to imagine all the great games and great players those two men have had the pleasure to watch and I had to quit counting out of envy. The day Vin Scully steps down will be a sad day for baseball. OK, here's the answer to whose stats appeared above; 46 year old Ricky Hendeson of the San Diego Surf Dawgs. That's it, I'm outta here. Enjoy.

Posted by Kevin O'Leary at 4:56 PM



Here are some questions for you: Why are the Nationals 10 games over .500 when they've only outscored their opponents by a total of five runs? Is Frank Robinson a great manager, or what? By the same token, your beloved Braves are just two games above .500 while having outscored their opponents by 31 runs. What's up with that? Has Bobby Cox lost the ability to manage effectively in close games?

--Cubs Fan

Posted by: Bill Davis on June 13, 2005 6:52 PM

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