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May 26, 2005

United L.A. (of Anaheim)

It's still way too early to panic. Come on! Who are the Dodgers chasing, anyway? The D-backs? Last year, didn't D-backs mean "dead on their-backs"? The Padres? Okay, maybe it's wise to worry about the Padres. As for the Angels, well, a little hitting would help.

If only we could put these two teams together, petition MLB to make up one United L.A. team. Of course, the players union wouldn't like it, but do we really care what they think? This would be one way to give the Dodgers some healthy starting pitching while providing the Angels with something that resembles an offense. If NetFlix and Wal-Mart can work together, this merger couldn't be impossible.

Two ex-Angel managers are reportedly on the not-so-short list of candidates to be the next manager of the Kansas City Royals. I say "not-so-short" because, depending on the source of the news, the list is as short as 6 names and as long as 10 names. Here are the names being tossed about: current interim manager Bob Schaefer, Art Howe, Buddy Bell, Jim Fregosi, Jimy Williams, Jerry Narron, Terry Collins, Don Baylor, Grady Little and Gene Lamont. In other words, the usual suspects, of which Baylor is the lone minority candidate.

The Kansas City front office has announced that the priority is to find a manager with major league experience. It might help the organization if they could find a manager with some experience in winning games, too. Of the 10 men named here, only Little, Williams and Collins have career winning percentages over .500. I can't help but feel that Baylor is only on the list to satisfy MLB's requirement that minority candidates are interviewed. The mystery to me is, when your choices come down to men with losing records, why don't you try to break the cycle of losing and give someone like Cecil Cooper, Ron Washington, Chris Chambliss or Demarlo Hale a try? Or why doesn't ex-White Sox manager Jerry Manuel deserve another chance?

Posted by Andrew Torres at 8:29 AM


"One" L.A. team??? Are you serious???

I would not be surprised to see The Anaheim Angels name be restored after a year or two of "trying to get more exposure" ....exposure? for a team that recently won the World Series?? You need more of a marketing tool than that, come on!

So, why hasn't the Dodger Organization or it's owners considered a name change to fill the seats... With that mentality, or mine (given the fact that I'm a Yankee Fan) ?

Back to my dis-belief of your "petition"... First of all, have you forgotten that the Angels are in the American League, and the Dodgers in the National?

Second, I've lived in the Los Angeles "area" for 7 1/2 years, and have been to Anaheim ONCE! No offense to Anaheim, but I'm sure the same feelings are reciprocated. L.A. is L.A., Anaheim, is Anaheim.....TWO CITIES, separate from one another, not even close in proximity, especially when you consider the traffic!

Furthermore, if you check your statistics a little closer, you'll see that the Division Leading (tied) Angels are doing just fine Offensively, and will of course improve upon the return of Vladimir Guerrero. And for the Dodgers....have you already forgotton their start? Come on man, show some love for the game, your local team, and "LIVE" the game!

peace ....out!
oh yeah... GO YANKS!!!

Posted by: YankeeFan on June 2, 2005 8:01 AM

Yes you better worry about those Padres!

Posted by: Joe on July 28, 2005 11:32 PM

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