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May 17, 2005

Roger Rocks On!

Wherever the Fountain of Youth is that Roger Clemens drank from, can I please get a glass, no, make that a gallon, of that water? Can you believe this guy? He RETIRED at the end of '03 only to be talked out of retirement by his good friend, and fellow Houston Astro pitcher, Andy Petitte. Pitching for the resurgent Astros, he won his unprecedented 7th Cy Young Award with 18 wins, a 2.98 ERA and 218 strikeouts and almost pitched the 'Stros into the World Series. Delaying retirement yet again, with a record $18,000,000 one year contract, Clemens is back on the mound for Astros this season and it looks like he's determined to win his 8th Cy Young. Consider this line from his recent outing against the Giants; 8IP, 5H, 1R, 1ER, 0BB, 10SO, he also LOWERED his LEAGUE LEADING ERA to 1.11 and won his 331st game!!!! 331 VICTORIES, Clemens is the only human walking this earth with that many wins, recently passing Steve Carlton with his 330th. Ya gotta be freaking kidding me! Is this guy for real? No 42 year old is supposed to be doing what he's doing, heck, no 32 year old IS doing it. There are some that say (Jose Canseco) that Roger is on the Juice, I don't buy it. Clemens' workouts are legendary and he's a genetic freak of nature that comes along once or twice a century. I don't care that the guy is making more money this season then some small countries entire GDP. I don't care that the Astros are awful and have no chance in the NL Central. I don't care that rumors of steroid use swirl around him. I don't care that the big jerk plunked Mike Piazza's dome with a 97mph fastball and then followed that up by hurling broken bat in his direction. I will be watching each game Clemens starts this season because I know that I'm watching one of the best pitchers of my the game has EVER seen and opportunities like this will probably happen once in my lifetime.

Posted by Kevin O'Leary at 8:59 PM


I initially assumed Petitte's main motivation for leaving the
Yankees was that Houston offered him essentially the same
contract and Andy, a Born Again Christian, wanted to be closer to his Church in Texas.

However, his "talking" Clemens out of retirement suggests the 2
may have concocted the while with the Yankees.

Posted by: Dave G on September 26, 2005 2:46 AM

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