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May 19, 2005


It's not like I think that Barry Bonds is skipping out on this season intentionally -- or that he's hooked up to an IV as a scam to get out of playing...

But the cynic in me can't help but think about the antagonism and antipathy he'd be experiencing this year if he were to play.

And for Barry, it's not just playing. Because of past performance, this season (or whatever season he returns to play...if ever) will be of historic importance -- both in breaking Babe Ruth's and possibly Hank Aaron's HR record.

And Barry is a smart guy. So he knows that if he were to play -- and break the records -- the American response wouldn't be of admiration and adulation.


The press and the public would be focused more on steroids, and BALCO, Barry's neck, and his pathetic denial-slash-claims of ignorance. And Barry knows this, and there's part of me that wonders if a little voice in the back of his mind is doubting whether a tardy return has some intrinsic advantages.

Posted by Ethan Lindsey at 8:06 AM


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