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National Treasure

This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. I cannot believe Nicholas Cage has sunk so low as to participate in this menagerie. The acting was horrible, the plot was predictable, and the characters were cliche. The movie is completely different from the previews and any interest about a treasure hunt is completely dissolved with the introduction of the characters. Unless you are child of seven or younger, please save your money for something that is actually worth watching!

Reviewer: Zack Chaudhary of Bloomington, MN (January 2, 2005)
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National Treasure

Fun, fun, fun! This movie has it all, the sexy leading man, the love interest, the quirky sidekick. Plus an intriguing storyline capitalizing on the current DaVinci Code-spawned craze for mysteries surrounding old documents. Great for teens as well, National Treasure is enjoyable holiday fare.

Reviewer: Julie Hartmans of South St. Paul, MN (December 21, 2004)
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National Treasure

It was a good Indiana Jones-type movie with lots of action, but also a few hard to believe things (ie carrying around the Declaration of Independence with them). There were also some good twists in the story to keep you guessing what might happen next.

Reviewer: Stephen Riess of Oronoco, MN (December 19, 2004)
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Leaps of mis-logic, ridiculous character interactions, inconsistent behaviours by characters and within the plot, and some very annoying characters. Sadly, it is also waaaay too long.

Reviewer: Jennifer Plombon of Mpls, MN (December 18, 2004)
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Entertaining with the obligatory suspension of reality

Overall for a film that is designed to be a problem solving caper, it was great. Sure there are some unbelievable plot elements, but that is why we see these films in the first place. The cast does a wonderful job as an ensemble both with the "good guys" the "bad guys" and the cops. In some ways it reminds me of the remake of "The Thomas Crown Affair", "The Italian Job" and of course all of the Da Vinci Code frenzie that is all the rage.

Reviewer: Andrew Lie of Minneapolis, MN (December 16, 2004)
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National Treasure: Fun in a bottle

Recently I went out and saw National treasure with Nicholas Cage. Although this wasn't the typical Nicholas Cage Movie, I found it to be rather good. At first I was unaware that Disney had even made the film. This was not the typical disney film either (although the bad guys did get caught through the cunning of our treasure hunting heroes).

Now onto the plot, basically Nicholas Cage's character is part of a family of freemasons, apparently they hid a treasure somewhere and they left clues for those who were looking for it. The treasure itself has been lost and found throughout many generations. . .blah blah blah. What I liked most about this movie wasn't so much the acting, or the plot, it was that it was just fun. Plain fun, with a little bit of mystery thrown in, and spiced up with a couple chase scenes. Despite the PG-13 rating, this is a movie that I would not give a second thought toward bringing my children.

I would give this movie a seven out of ten just because it has a certain charisma, and it certainly isn't lacking in many areas. Also this makes history fun, I re-learned some basic things I forgot about our countries heritage. Its hard to admit, but someone might actually learn something from watching this movie, and learning is always delicious. Anyway, I gotta get going cause my word count is running out. See this film, it is worth the cash.

Reviewer: Matthew Orr of Dodge Center, MN (December 16, 2004)
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Like Goonies For Adults

As I was watching this film, I couldn't help feeling that it was somehow familiar. Then it hit me how similar it is to one of the best Spielberg films of all time, The Goonies! Both movies focus on a hero who must overcome odds and follow clues to a secret treasure that no one believes in. Throw in a love interest, goofy sidekick, booby traps, ("that's what I said, booby traps!") and a troop of bad guys and you've got yourself a movie.

This is not to say that the movie doesn’t deliver. The acting is well done and the dialogue snappy. At times it seems outrageous how quickly Ben (Cage) solves the rather difficult clues, however, most of us probably won't notice as they cue up the action immediately after each brainteaser. The film keeps up this pace throughout, action then slowing down briefly to develope character and show a few relationships along the way. Generally this works well, letting you know enough about the characters to care but not so much that you fall asleep.

Disney does a good job of keeping the film family friendly. The language seemed mild and there was usually only the threat of violence (many shots fired, but no hits).

All in all, this movie set out to entertain its audience, and it does.

Reviewer: Anton Mett of West Concord, MN (December 15, 2004)
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A wild winter adventure

The adventure that National Treasure brings you on is like no other. Clues and codes keep this movie hopping from one location to the next. The construction of the characters are interesting and when you see no hope a new road is paved. A must see to make the grey and depressing winter days disappear behind a treasure map.

Reviewer: Brittney Schuller of St. Paul Park, MN (December 12, 2004)
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Take the Grandkids!

National Treasure is simply a fun movie - one you can enjoy with children, especially the 8 to 12 year old range. It provides mystery, cleverness, action, excitement, laughs, tender moments. It is a movie in which the adult doesn't have to be embarrassed in front of children. Raiders of the Lost Ark comes to mind when recommending it. We didn't go in with big expectations and came out being pleasantly entertained.

Reviewer: Louise Fester of Mounds View, MN (December 12, 2004)
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OK, but it was awkward...

Dear readers,
This movie was not what I expected. It was all about solving. I had gone to the movie because I thought it would have action in it. It didn't at all!

I would think of it as more of an itelectiual movie because it was all about solving complex riddles rather than it being a mindless tour of searching and fighting. I think if your into itelectiual movies you would like. I thought it was ok. But im only 13 so its not really my type.If you like the kind of movie that i just described go and see it!


Reviewer: Shelby Khalek of Lakeville, MN (December 12, 2004)
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