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Fun, Fun, Fun, who needs a T-bird?

The plot of saving the world is familiar but this animated film has many funny bits of character business that keep the show rolling along when there isn't a car chase.

I liked the super hero genre which is obvoiusly lifted from the Marvel Comics "Fantasic Four" prototyppe.

It's a fun show and isn't that why we go to the movies?

Reviewer: Brian Rice of Maple Grove, MN (December 28, 2004)
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A good time for adults

I saw this movie with my wife. We both enjoyed the movie a great deal. As parents, the movie had a solid appeal to us with its discussion of children and family, and the struggle of identity we all experience as we change with life experiences.

An important note: just because this is an animated film, don't assume it is appropriate for children. This movie is aimed at the adults -- not the kids -- and people bringing their children run a high risk of bored children.

Reviewer: Jim Holthaus of Minneapolis, MN (December 20, 2004)
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We all loved it!

I certainly wouldn't have attended this movie if the kids, aged 10 and 8, had not lobbied so hard for it. But in typical Pixar fahion, the adult themes made the movie great for all of us. The kids loved the special effects and the special talents that each superhero possessed. I sympathized with dear old dad, once a superhero, now trapped in a ho-hum existence and suffering a superheroes mid-life crisis. It was laugh out loud funny with great themes for all!!

Reviewer: Ellen Johnson of La Crosse, WI (December 14, 2004)
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The Incredibles

I would love to give this movie a 5 but a few things prevent me from doing so. Let me just mention them. First of all I must say that when I saw the preview for this movies I really felt it would be good. Not many previews make me laugh outloud the way this one did. Unfortunately that bit was never in the actual movie. There were many times in the movie when I thought, "that was funny", but it didn't really make me laugh out loud. I chuckled here and there. It was more violent than I would like but by todays standards I suppose you overlook such things. Much of the plot was predictable which is also not uncommon for by todays standards. Very little time is spent on plot and more time is evidently spent on spectacle. I really appreciated and and was engaged by the characters...overall. There were a few that were underdeveloped but that goes back to the lacie plot. I expected more vibrant color. It appeared dull. The sound and music was good but the language for some of the developed characters was exceptional. Last but not least I felt FRO-Zone could be another movie on its own. With that said, I hope someone takes time to develop a plot and the characters before throwing it to the masses.

Reviewer: vivian wade-banks of fayetteville, NC (December 12, 2004)
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Incredible for Adults - Not so much for under 18!

As a teacher, I'm usually a little late to see the movies. I find out from my students which movies they like, don't like. Usually I wait and rent. My students didn't like "The Incredibles". My wife and I went a saw it Thanksgiving. After seeing it, I think they just didn't get it. It is adult in the fact that it is mocking the "Pleasantville" attitude of movie serials and the golden years of comics. The animation was wonderful, but not special effects spectacular. Which is what most of our kids have been weaned on. The first video game I played was "Pong", not the visually overwhelming games that we're inundated with today!

I thought the story was great - Be who you are. The voice talent was dead on. It was great that Holly Hunters' character spoke out of the corner of her mouth - just like Ms. Hunter! Jason Lee was the perfect voice for the villian. I also thought it was a nice touch making fun of every villian from the Bond films to Magneto ranting and explaining every detail of their plan! If over 24 - You'll love this film! We can't wait for the sequel.

Reviewer: Matt Carlstrom of Grand Rapids, MN (December 10, 2004)
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Super Incredible!

My boys & I loved the movie! They laughed, I laughed. Sometimes at the same things. The story was good & performances strong.

Reviewer: Michael Dahlke of Stillwater, MN (December 10, 2004)
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This movie was typical Pixar gold, but obviously aimed at a more mature audience. It very much softens the edges of a nasty question: if everyone is special, doesn't that mean nobody is? The question is presented by both a hero and a villain, but it is never directly addressed. Shouldn't there be some pat answer you could put on a motivational poster? No, perhaps not. What this movie DOES provide is an example, as outlandish as its characters are. You are uniquely special to those that love you, and most of all to yourself. The hero of this story has been forced by social pressure to shortchange pretty much everything he values in order to get by: his talent, his family, his duty to the public. However, even when he is eventually led to believe he has truly lost everything, he can't bring himself to betray the core of who he is: a good guy. Of course, this is done to the tune of Pixar's typically relentless heartstring-yanking, and the message is somewhat lost in the fuzzy feel-goodness of the resolution, but the basic message is the same. Even though it was cliche when Shakespeare presented the idea, be true to yourself. Sure, you may have to do it behind a secret identity, but you're the only you you'll ever have.

Reviewer: Benjamin Coler of Farmington, MN (December 10, 2004)
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The Incredibles Get It Right

When it comes to making a good Cartoon movie getting the computer animation right is only part of the equation and The Incredibles gets it right in many respects. You certainly don't have to have children to see and enjoy this movie.

Pixar continues to charm and entertain. I found the voice talent particularly hilarious and they obviously had fun with their roles. The cartoons, while beautifully rendered, are still cartoons and not as distracting as I found the animation in Polar Express. Like Toy Story, the characters and storyline come together to create a thoroughly enjoyable movie experience. Family oriented but fun for just about any age.

Reviewer: Ken Edmondson of Minneapolis, MN (December 10, 2004)
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"Incredible Conspiracy" by Kieran, age 14

When one watches the new Disney movie The Incredibles, one is almost instantly annoyed by the bad voice acting, shoddy writing, and blatent rip-offs of Marvel Comics. However, when you look deeper into the movie, and concentrate on some of the subtexts (it's also important to have ingested 3 or 4 Cokes and a few boxes of Dots), you begin to see a frightening exploration of Capitalism vs. Socialism. The Incredibles (the family, who are incidentally the "average" white American family) represent the rich capitialists, which are supposedly the "exceptional", or "super", in society. In the movie, the government bans superheros (i.e. unrestriced capitalism), so they have to be super in secret and stop outright saving people, which is, essentially,the movie's commentary on government laws restricting the power of corporations, which are "just trying to help people" (which is what the superheros say in the movie).

As the movie progresses, the main supervillian pops up. He is not "super" (he doesn't have money, he's not refined and aristocratic), but he uses technology to give himself powers (like gloves with lasers, boots with jets, etc.). He represents Socialism (the mighty adversary of Capitalism). In the movie, he captures the super-family and tells them of his "horrible" idea of giving everyone super powers through technology. By giving everyone super powers, everyone will be equal,just as good as the superheros. The superheros procede to destroy the "insane" Socialists.

Reviewer: Kieran Lucas-Baradan of St. Paul, MN (December 9, 2004)
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The Indelible Incredibles!

The Incredibles was a fun movie that really hit home. Some of the family scenes were stolen from our house, at least that's what I've been telling people. When the children are fighting at the dinner table and the wife yells for the husband to "Engage!" and later to "Intervene!" I gave my husband an elbow in the ribs. Or it was the guy I was sitting next to since my husband saw it before I and had the same reaction.

It's about a family of "Supers" which are a race of people with superpowers. Throughout the world, they have gone undercover and been relocated in government protection programs since unexpected problems with their heroics began inciting litigation from the public. Our hero is bored with his normal life and aches to be a hero again. In doing so, he unwittingly runs into an old "fan" who has designs for the heroes to further his own place in the world.

The fashion designer, E is a delicious addition to the cast. She is the arrogant Hollywood designer. E's line, "Supermodels--there is nothing super about them. They are stupid skinny girls." was one of the funniest lines in the film.

This is a must-see for those in their teenage years and up, preferably with their parents. When the mother and children are on their way to "rescue" their father, the mother says "use your powers" and the teenager says "but you told me never to use them." Her mother screams to use them. How often do we ask our children to do as we say, and not as we do and to know the difference

Reviewer: Colleen Simmons of Minneapolis, MN (December 9, 2004)
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