Sunday, May 1, 2016

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Listener Stories 91 to 100

I started listening to MPR when I lived in Minnesota. That was probably in the early 1980's, but I'm not sure about that, it could have been earlier. I do know that it became a very important part of my life almost immediately upon discovering it. My name at that time was Mary Neece, and I became a member right away. Every day, I started my day with the Morning Show. Even when I was traveling throughout the state for my job, I always could find an MPR station carrying "my" programs.

Five years ago I met and married a man from Illinois. It was a hard decision -- between MPR and Al, but Al was such a special guy, I just had to give up the time. However, I discovered MPR online a couple of winters ago and became an online listener at our winter home in Florida. I had a computer nearby and it was easy to listen while in the kitchen, especially to the Morning Show. I felt like I was home again.

NOW, however, I have discovered that the Morning Show can be listened to any time of the day! What a wonderful service!!! I'm home in St. Charles for the next few weeks, so I listen to the Morning Show while doing my online banking, emailing, etc. in the evening. Cool!!

Of course, I always listen to Prairie Home Companion whenever I can, and it's easy because it is so widely available. It would be great to be able to listen to some of your other programs on stations throughout the country, as well. I love "Splendid Table" and "On Your Money"(?), and I would think they could garner a wide audience everywhere.

Thanks for letting me tell you my story!

Mary (Neece) Wendt

Mary Wendt of St. Charles, IL

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When I was growing up my Dad always listened to MPR. As a young kid I remember thinking how boring it was that he listened to talk radio. Now, almost 20 years later both my brother and I are avid MPR listeners. We enjoy discussing things we heard on MPR together. We both count on MPR for the most reliable source of information, especially when it comes to national news and information. Keep up the great work!

Marnie Kemmetmueller of Maple Grove, MN

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My boyfriend and I listen to MPR together in the evening. He usually sits and spins yarn while I hang out on the floor and knit.

During the debates we had 'date night', order out food and do crafts while listening (and commenting to each other).

MPR is the first station programed into the car radio. We often meet up after work and say "were you listening to MPR when they were talking about.....?". We don't have a tv, so MPR is a major source of news.

Thank you MPR for keeping your station fun, informing and giving us oppurtinities for "date night".


Maria Kunze of Minneapolis, MN

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In the car I tune into Morning Edition and All Things Considered. (and MarketPlace depending on how long my work day is!) Around the house, before bed and while my husband is working away in his office, we dial up the classical station. And recently, on a trip up to Two Harbors, we listened to MPR for the entire vacation. We only had a clock radio in our cabin. Between classics and great MPR talk radio, you kept us tuned in!

P.S. I've even recently converted my husband to public radio. We're both 26, and he thought my habit of listing to MPR was a little out of my age group. He's recently begun tuning in himself, delightfully surprised at how balanced the news coverage is.

Kathy Grunditz of Minneapolis, MN

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It all starts on Saturday afternoon. I put my baby girl in her high chair & we cook dinner while "Prairie Home Companion" is broadcast. She wiggles to the music & I laugh at the stories. The radio stays on through her bath & then, once she's down for the night, I pour a glass of my favorite wine, put my feet up & listen to "The Jazz Image". Aaaah, relaxing...

Kelly Sadler

Kelly Sadler of St. Paul, MN

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I'm writing you from Bilbao, Basque Country, and I just would like to say that I use to listen to you via winamp and that your station is one of the best regarding sound quality and contents.

It's a shame not to understand all you say (my english knowledge is not so good as I'd like) but it helps me a lot to accustom to the english sounds.

I thought you Americans spoke worse than English but I've checked your broadcasters pronounce really clear, except when pronouncing spanish city or people names :-) which still sound "american"


Andoni Sanz of Bilbao, NA

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I just wanted to say that I LOVE Minnesota Public Radio! I feel so fortunate to have this great resource right at my fingertips. I have 3 small children and a busy husband, and I mostly listen in the car. I'm very conscious of how I can make the best use of my time, so I love that I can catch up on the news of the day, current issues, and thought-provoking stories and reports all during my driving time. I have relatives in other states who are very envious of MPR. They might get a few NPR programs, but not the range we get. And, of course, the state coverage is not nearly as well done. Thank you for all your efforts to make such wonderful programming available! It enriches my life greatly.

Lisa Hoelzer

Lisa Hoelzer of Rochester, MN

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I listen to MPR in the car and at home. MPR fills our home most every evening and on the weekends. I look forward to the timely and intriguing programming offered on All Things Considered, Speaking of Faith, Talk of the Nation, and many more of your wonderful programs.

Abra Hovgaard of Duluth, MN

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My husband and I rent stalls for our horses at GoldenView Stable a large (25 stall) barn in Stillwater, MN. We barter cleaning stalls and handy help for part of that rent. The best time to clean is at night when the other tennants are gone, the animals are settling down for the night and (important to us) we can pick the radio station. My favorite night to clean is Saturday night when I can spend my 4-5 hours of "barn time" tuned in to The Jazz Image. Every Saturday night holds something new (even if some of the music IS older than I am), and I have come to regard the intimate, journey-like nature of the show as close company while I work into the night.
I would include a photo of the Jazz-loving horses but I do not have a digital camera at this time.
-Kathy Heitzinger (Zweber)

Kathleen Heitzinger of Saint Paul, MN

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My family calls me an MPR junky; all the radios in our cars and rooms have 88.9 on. However, I mostly listen to MPR when I am drifting off to sleep in the morning (I work 11pm - 7:15am).

I am able to get all the latest news and weather before I fall asleep (without screaming commercials). I am a true believer in subconscious learning and absorb mass quantity of information as I sleep.

Nevertheless, my favorite listening experience is the BBC during my breaks at work. I feel like their reporting is direct and precise. Like, MPR they only give opinion on the shows specifically designed for opinion. Not allot if personal opinion, just the facts, and usually reported before the mainstream media get their hands on it, of which I refer to as Polaroid news - just one quick shot is all you get, like it or not.

The call in shows are wonderful because it gives me the feeling MPR really cares about what real people think, not just a select few that may have the same opinion as the host of the show. In addition, when a truly nasty caller is on the line, the host is very candid and polite when directing the call off the line.

But not all is bright and beautiful when listening to MPR, I would have to say the only time I really turn it off is on Saturday night during the Jazz Show (A bit too much 40's & 50's for me).

Over all, I feel truly blessed on a daily basis for the freedom to have MPR on the air waves, unlike other places that censor everything they see and hear.

Wendy Anderson of Little Falls, MN

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