Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Tell Us Your Listening Story

Listener Stories 81 to 90

I listen at work

Eric Wood of St. Paul, MN

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After being a devoted listener to the Morning Show since the time of Garrison Keillor, I moved to North Carolina in 2001. Feeling lonely and nostalgic for home and my friends, I was grateful for the technology which allowed me to continue listening to my "friends" Dale and Jim Ed via the internet. At first I listened in bed but, after becoming obsessed with making labyrinth quilts, I listened while I sewed from 7-10am. Now, with all the shows being archived, I can listen and sew whenever I feel like it. And, I can listen to favorite showsólike the Christmas show based on "It's a Wonderful Life" or the state fair showómore than once. And this morning, though I am in Stillwater visitng friends, I am once again listening in bed via the internet and my laptop, since I have no radio but their house is equipped with its own airport station. Amazing!

Laurel Reinhardt of Asheville, NC

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My husband and I have been listening to many of your shows for 20 years...we are originally from Chicago, but now travel the world working for the US govt. It is a pleasure to be able to tune in on the web, wherever we are and listen to shows like Prairie Home Companion, Writers Almanac, Wait Wait Don't Tell me and All Things Considered.

It is now a family tradition to listen to PHC weekly...our 16 and 11 year old children love Garrison and although they have never lived in the Midwest...we think they have that psych...thanks to you.

Thanks for the great work, and thanks for "keeping in touch" with folks like us. Makes me want to move to Minnesota...whenever we stop moving around the world!

Susanna McFarland of Bogota Colombia, NA

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I am a male, age 24, single and live and grew up in beautiful southeast minnesota small town. I went to a public k-12 school and have studied liberal arts at public, private, and community colleges in the Twin Cities. I am an independent voter, and I currently work as an arborist for a tree company doing work in Rochester and the surrounding area. I look forward to listening to MPR while at work at various times throughout the day. Having cut my teeth on the biased comment of conservative talk radio, I find NPR's impartial discourse refreshing during these partisan times. Your news stories that reach far into the social, political and economic fabric of our localities, nation, and world keep me feeling more informed than ever before. Thank you.

Chris Carman of Grand Meadow, MN

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I started listening to MPR after 9/11. I found that the TV media constantly replayed the horrible images without giving me good information. Since then,MPR has become a staple at home, in the car and in my office. When I come to the kitchen in the morning the first thing I do is turn on Kathy Worser and Morning Edition to get up to speed. I work alone and have a guinea pig in my office. I tell everyone he is the smartest pig around because he listens to MPR constantly. No commercials, interesting guests and conversations and perspectives from mid morning to TOTN to Marketplace make me feel like I am getting smarter too! Outside during the summer and on my walks, MPR keeps me informed and entertained.

I appreciate all the hard work that the people at MPR put into their programming. I am grateful for the alternative.

Clarice Chikazawa-Nelson of Minneapolis, MN

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In January of this year, my husband and I moved to Michigan. I have been a long listener of MPR and I think that the programs are exceptional. Now, I tune in to MPR at work on my computer! Thanks!


liz dobie of Ferndale, MI

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On my car radio and on the computer.

Shirley Hooks of Houston, TX

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HI, I am 34 and have been listening to MPR for quite a few years. I always knew about the classical station and tuned into that when driving or if I needed some calming noise while studying in college. For the last two and half years I have been an avid listener of the morning show. When I was pregnant, I felt my child needed to hear more positive "noise" in the morning and while driving to work, so I tuned into 99.5. The first time I listened they were playing Norah Jones or some other popular singer and I thought, hmmmm I thought this was classical music, then I hear Jim Ed and Dale talk and I was hooked! I love the variety, I love the fact that the "banter" is comical and just the right mix to make your morning manageable. Every morning when I listen, I hear new songs, and learn more about artists that I would like to hear more. The diversity in programming is amazing. I try to get everyone to listen. I am a true fan and still isten to the classical station through-out the day, but every morning while getting ready at home, then for the drive into work it is tuned on the radio. Once at work, when I turn on my computer, I quick-link to the MPR morning show and play it "on-line" while I am working. It is a great pick-me-up and it really keeps me on task. THANKS!!!!

Shelly Auldrich of Cottage Grove,, MN

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My husband, son, and I live in Geneve, Switzerland currently but Minneapolis is home. We were thrilled when we arrived here and could listen Prairie Home Companion. Garrison Keillor made our home away from home much more comfortable. Unfortunately, he is no longer broadcast here and we are not sure why. Any insights? Anyway to get him back on the air?

Pixie Martin of Geneva, Switzerland, NA

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I listen in the morning with those two funny guys. Jim Ed and Dale.I love the wonderfull blend of music that they play in the early AM. It makes my 25 minute commute to work very pleasant.

This morning I heard a movment from a concerto featuring mountian instrument I play. I also enjoy Jim Ed's take on the sports. I heard the saddest song I've ever heard in my life on the morning show. It was so moving that I had to pull my car over and just listen. It's called "here's to you rounders" by Ed Tricket. Could they play it for me sometime?

My drive in is from 6:15 AM to 6:45 AM.

Chris Dresen of Rockland, WI

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